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Chef Gareth is a true local boy who started his career as an apprentice chef at the original Royal Connaught Hotel in downtown Hamilton. Noted for his cuisine at Caddies and Abstracts, Chef Gareth brings with him over thirty-five years of a fusion of culinary skills. For the past ten years, Chef Gareth has owned his own cafe and catering business at the McMaster Continuing Education Centre. Deciding to streamline his business further to focus exclusively on catering, Chef Gareth is now open at our new location in Whitney Plaza. Chef Gareth's Kitchen will be offering his clientele specialized "drop-off catering".

Stepping beyond the traditional take-out or delivery service, Chef Gareth alongside his sous-chef Bill Boustead, will not only provide you with a savoury meal for your event, but he will also include delivery and set-up in a buffet style.

Whether it be breakfast meeting, lunch, or dinner party, or a large special event, Chef Gareth's Kitchen will be sure to make your event both a seamless and enjoyable one.

​Chef Gareth's Kitchen has a variety of menu options. He can also customize a menu to meet your needs. Chef Gareth's Kitchen can also provide: vegetarian, gluten free and other allergy-realted menu options.